How to Buy an AC System in Terrell & Forney

It is estimated that roughly 80% of current new construction homes are built with central air conditioning systems. No surprise, since central air is one of the more efficient and economical ways to cool an entire Terrell or Forney home or living area. While window mounted units are a cost-effective way to cool a particular room, having several units throughout a home causes a huge spike in your electric bill, and their quite noisy.

So if you’re considering have a central air system installed in your home, or are looking to upgrade to a new, more efficient model, here are a few tips to help guide your purchase.

1. Request an energy audit.

An energy audit will uncover problem areas in your home that are adding to your monthly utility costs. A professional audit also will help steer you toward the right kind of unit for your home, given its unique architectural features, square footage, layout, and other relevant factors.

2. Your family’s lifestyle.

Perhaps you travel a lot, or are out of the home most of the day. Or maybe there are certain times during the day when you could use a little more (or less) cooling power. A programmable thermostat allows to you control your home comfort with the touch of a button. Setting up more than one zone also will help control costs by allowing you to set different temperatures, as needed, for each zoned area.

3. Choose the right size.

A larger-than-needed system won’t necessarily do a better job cooling your home. And an under-sized system won’t save you money. In fact, a unit that is too large will waste tremendous amounts of energy (and money) as it continually shuts off and on, while a too-small system will not keep you as cool as you’d like, especially on those really hot days. A qualified HVAC technician will recommend the right size system to fit your home and your budget.

4. Get familiar with SEER.

No, it’s not the newest iPhone accessory: it stands for “seasonal energy efficiency rating.” You can purchase a new system with SEER ratings from 13-21. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the system, and the more money back in your wallet each month.

It’s equally important to hire the right heating and cooling company to design and install your system. At Absolute Air, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation for giving our customers the straight facts and helping them make the right choice. We can do the same for you. Contact us today for a free quote on a new or replacement central air system for your home.

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