Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality in Kaufman & Forney

Keeping the air inside your home free and clear of pollutants can be a difficult task, even for home owners in Kaufman and Forney who conscientiously make a concerted effort to keep the air fresh, clean, and healthy.Little girl blows her nose

Sometimes the problem comes from not knowing all the different sources of airborne toxins, of which there are many, such as:   cleaning supplies, adhesives, pesticides brought in the house on the bottom of shoes, and cleaning solution byproducts.  Did you also know that new carpeting and rugs can release harmful gases or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air?

It’s a lot to contend with, which is why Absolute Air offers you the following helpful advice:

  • Use only materials that are non-toxic, including paint, caulks, adhesives, upholstery, carpeting, and even manufactured furniture. Even some inexpensive versions of these products that claim to be “non-toxic” can still release harmful toxins into the air. Read the label carefully, do your web homework, and look for brands that are the least toxic options. They may cost a little more, but breathing clean air day in, day out is worth a few extra pennies.
  • Whenever possible, never work on projects that use paint, wood stains, adhesives and other finishes inside your home whenever possible. Setup your workspace outside where the fumes that are released by these materials and won’t become trapped inside your home. If there’s no way around it, wear a surgical mask while you’re working and make sure the room or space is well ventilated.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, and clean up frequently.  Be sure to remove and clean the filters inside the vacuum at least once a month. Sweep and mop floors frequently, as well. The more dust and dirt you remove from your home, the fewer particles you’ll be breathing in.
  • Become a horticulturalist.  Well, sort of.  Because simply by purchasing and nurturing more indoor plants, you’ll be acquiring a natural means to filter our harmful substances from the air.
  • Change furnace and air filters once a month. Your filters attract and hang onto dust, pollen, bacteria and much more.  Then, when you heating or cooling system fan turns on, the air pushes some of those pollutants into your duct work and then into your home.  Clean filters are a great defense.

At Absolute Air, we offer several indoor quality solutions, include whole-house air filters that we install inside your ductwork where they trap more than 99% or the pollutants that pass through your ductwork while your home comfort system fan is blowing.

For that and more indoor air quality ideas and assistance, contact Absolute Air today.

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