How to Get your Home Ready for Fall Hands-on

Do you welcome the fall season with giddy excitement or grudgingly make your peace with summer coming to an end? Either way, there’s no denying that fall is here. Maybe not according to the calendar just yet, but the days are getting shorter, the thermometer is dropping, and fall fashions are out in force.

Still, before your thoughts turn to apple picking and pumpkin carving, make sure that your biggest investment – you home – is ready to embrace fall and the colder weather ahead. A little time spent now, can save you time, and money, later.

  1. Spring isn’t the only season for deep cleaning. Take the time to launder drapes and comforters, vacuum behind and under furniture, refrigerators, and your stove to reduce allergens and improve air quality. Also clean or replace your HVAC filter, and if you run a humidifier clean the plates or pads to keep it running efficiently.
  2. Keep your fires burning bright…and safe! Inspect your wood stove, and schedule a Kaufmanprofessional cleaning of your chimney.
  3. Prevent drafts and heat loss by sealing or caulking any cracks around your windows and doors. Now is also a good time to replace screen windows and doors with energy-efficient storm windows and doors.
  4. Prepare your home comfort system by scheduling an HVAC tune-up. A small investment now could save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars should your furnace or boiler decide to quit in the middle of winter.
  5. Conduct a safety inspection. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries as needed. Have a family safety plan in place in the event of a fire and make sure your fire extinguishers are full and at the ready.
  6. Make sure your gutters and down spouts are free of debris, and inspect your roof for broken, loose, or missing shingles or tiles.
  7. Prep your garden by clearing away dead foliage. If you utilize a compost pile, be careful not to throw any weeds in the mix unless you want to lay down a fresh bed of weeds on your lawn come spring.
  8. Vacuum your vents and registers in preparation for the warm air that will soon be flowing through them.

Allow us, for just a moment, to return to point #5.  You know, the part about having your heating system professionally serviced.  All joking aside, it’s an important fall and winter preparedness step that will help your system run better, last longer, and cut back on your home heating costs.  Contact Absolute Air today to schedule service so you can check #5 off your to-do list.