How to Prevent Mold Growth in Kaufman & Crandall

The presence of mold in your Kaufman or Crandall home can cause a myriad of allergic reactions like a runny nose and red, watery eyes, not to mention a persistent cough, and skin rash. In addition, mold can damage, discolor, or even rot the wooden surfaces inside your home. Fortunately, keeping your home free of mold is as simple as keeping it clean and dry.

A good place to check for mold is in your bathroom.  Specifically, look for those telltale black streaks or patches on the walls and corners of the shower – anyplace where it’s dark and moist. A simple application of antifungal spray will clear up any outbreaks, and keeping the area dry with a squeegee or towel after showering will prevent mold’s return.ABSOLUTE MOLD PREVENTION PLUMBING HEATING HVAC

Another major breeding ground for mold growth is a damp basement.  Even the condensation dripping off pipes can give mold the moisture it needs to get started. A minor leak in a pipe might seem insignificant, but it’s a problem that can spiral out of control, ultimately affecting your family’s health, and once an infestation is in place, you might need professional assistance to get it rid of it.

Further, did you know that mold growth can start with the moisture you bring into your home?  Here are a few practical and effective ways to prevent indoor mold growth:

  • Keep the relative humidity in your home at or under 60%; if it’s currently above that level in one or more areas of your home, look into acquiring a room or whole-house de-humidifier.
  • Don’t mix wet clothes and towels, etc. in with the rest of your laundry.  Keep it separate in a sealed plastic bag until you’re ready wash it.
  • Even better, keep wet towels and wash cloths in the bathroom until they’re completely dry and, in the process, keep the bathroom door closed when not in use.
  • Don’t put away wet shoes, hats, or any other outerwear until they’re completely dry.
  • Make sure your laundry room is well ventilated as your dryer is a major source of moisture build-up.

At Absolute Air we can install a whole-house humidity control system that adds or removes moisture as needed, thereby keeping your entire home at a safe and comfortable humidity level all year long.

We have other indoor air quality solutions, too.  Contact us today for details or to schedule installation.

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