Air Conditioner Noises, and What They Mean in Crandall & Rockwall, TX

airIn a perfect world, your central air conditioning system would behave so perfectly, you can’t see or hear them, but simply enjoy the cool air everywhere you venture inside the comforting environs of your home.

That’s in a perfect world.  In reality, air conditioning systems eventually begin showing signs of wear and tear, and some of these signs are not quite music to your ears.  In fact, they’re downright unpleasant noises.

Of course, if noise were the only problem, most people could probably learn to live with it.  But noises are symptoms, and not the problems themselves.  So let’s have a look at the more common sounds that emanate from home AC systems, and what they probably mean.

Air Handler Noises (the air handler is the indoor component of your system)

  • Buzzing – probably indicating faltering electrical components.
  • Hissing – usually caused by a leak in a refrigerant line.
  • Clicking – may be caused by a faulty thermostat which, in turn, is causing relays to switch on and off.  Clicking sounds also stem from an obstructed fan blade.

Condenser Noises (the condenser is the outdoor component of your system)

  • Hissing (or bubbling) – there goes the refrigerant leaking again.
  • Buzzing – most often the result of problem with the motor, such as a bad electrical connection.
  • A loud and abrupt bang – hmm, this could be coming from a faulty mount that’s allowing the motor to move around and go bump in the (day or) night.  Banging noises can also originate inside your ductwork.
  • Humming – is usually associated with a motor that wants to turn on, but can’t quite make it.
  • Screaming – this comes from a build-up of internal pressure and requires that you immediately shut your system off for your own safety.

What’s the cure for a noisy air conditioner?  Actually, it’s the exact same cure for just about anything else that can wrong with your system, and that’s annual preventative maintenance from Absolute Air.  If it’s been a year or more since the last time your system was cleaned and inspected, we invite you to contact us today to schedule service.  Same goes if the noises are already there.  Give us a call, we’ll figure out exactly what’s going on, and then give you a guaranteed upfront quote to fix it, and fix it right.