Furnace Cleaning & Inspection in Forney & Rockwall

Most everyone would agree that an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. This is precisely why we get regular check-ups and dental cleanings, and perform routine maintenance on our cars.

But surprisingly, when it comes to protecting their biggest investment, many homeowners tend to forget this old adage and rarely – if ever – have their home heating system cleaned and inspected. Perhaps it’s all about “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?  Or maybe some folks just don’t know how truly important it is to have this service performed every year.  Not just for the sake of the system’s ability to heat your home, but for reasons of health and safety, too.

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So if it’s been a while since you’ve had a licensed home heating technician make sure your heating equipment is in tip top shape, here are 5 reasons to make that appointment today.

  1. Cleaner indoor air. As your heating equipment sits dormant during the warm months, it accumulates dirt and dust. And that dirt and dust, along with allergens and even mold spores, can get pushed out into your living space through air vents and registers.
  1. Your family’s safety. A cracked heat exchanger can release dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your home, putting your family at risk for CO poisoning.
  1. Increased energy efficiency. A clean furnace with well-lubricated parts operates more efficiently to keep you and your family at optimum comfort levels, which means less energy used and more money saved on heating costs.
  1. Extended operating life. The average furnace is built to last 15 years, but one that is properly cleaned and tuned up on a regular basis can last even longer.
  1. Fewer system breakdowns. An annual pre-season inspection can turn up problem areas and worn components that, if taken care of now, can minimize or eliminate potentially costly repairs later on.

Yes, It’s still September, and yes, there’s still plenty of warm weather left before the colder stuff arrives.  But that’s precisely what makes this the best time of year for annual preventative maintenance; as in, get the work done now so you’ll have no interruption in your heating service later on.

Today, we invite you to call Absolute Air to help turn your home into a more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer environment for your entire family.