Celebrating Earth Day in Kaufman and Crandall

blogHowever hard to believe it might be, the world is set to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has moved millions of people across the globe to push for environmental change. And while we’ve come a long way since 1970, when gas guzzling V8 engines and industrial poisoning of air, land, and water were the order of the day, we still have a long road ahead.

So in honor of Earth Day 2015, here are 5 important steps you can take to help ensure a better and healthier environment for the generations to come.

Reduce your energy consumption. Saving energy goes far beyond simply turning lights off when you leave the room. Find and fix areas of your home that hog energy – such as gaps around windows and doors and leaking or crack air ducts – and learn how to use energy more wisely. For example, run your washing machine and dishwasher – with full loads only – during off-peak hours.

Recycle more than just paper and plastic. Each year, thousands of old electronics are thrown into already over-flowing landfills, where they not only take up precious space, but pollute the environment with chemicals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. If you have an old phone, computer, or television, take it to an e-waste recycling facility in your area.

Put an end to junk mail. Not only does junk mail clutter our mailboxes and kitchen counters, the production of junk mail contributes to higher greenhouse gas emissions, and wastes about 28 billion gallons of water each year. Recycling the 41 pounds of junk mail the average person receives each year is simply not enough. You can remove your name from the many consumer mailing lists by registering with DMAChoice.org or CatalogChoice.org.

Eat local. From seasonal farmers’ markets, to your very own backyard, there’s nothing like the taste of fruit and vegetables just moments after it was hand-picked. Produce begins to lose its nutritional value at harvest and, by the time it gets to your grocery store, most of it has already lost nearly 45% of its nutrients. Choosing locally grown produce means you’re getting more nutrients, and reducing your carbon footprint all at once.

While energy conservation is on your mind, when was the last time you had your central air system professionally cleaned and inspected? It’s a job that should be performed at least once a year, and Absolute Air is ready to schedule service now. Yes, you’ll conserve energy in the process, but more than that, you’ll be helping to cut back on carbon emissions while reducing the likelihood of system breakdown and repairs.