Should I Repair or Replace My AC System in Kaufman ?

June is a time for many things: graduations, weddings, family vacations, and air conditioning problems!

We’re at full tilt right now, doing whatever is necessary to help keep customers cool, comfortable, and happy. And yet, the right course of action is not always as clear cut as you might think, especially when an older AC system either shuts down completely or just isn’t operating up to par.

It’s at times like that when we’re most often asked: “Should we repair or replace our system”? Ah, if only we could hand out a rule book that make each such decision easy as pie. But not such book or set of rules exists.

What we can do, however, is offer you some general advice on when the “replace” option usually makes more sense:

  • How old is your system? – If it’s been on active duty for at least 15 straight years then, according to the law of averages, it doesn’t have very much left in the tank. The average lifespan of a central AC system is 15-20 years. That’s the point when it’s a good idea to start thinking about replacing your system even with any repair problems. That way, you get to dictate replacement system timing, and not your aging current system.
  • Does your heart skip a beat when you open your electricity bill? – Don’t you just hate that? Well, here’s something to help cool you off: today’s replacement AC systems are so energy efficient, that the money you’ll save on your electricity bill can pay for the new system in just a few years.
  • How much was that? – Another potentially shocking moment is when you receive an AC system repair estimate. Maybe, for example, you’re thinking $500 or so, tops! But then you look, and look again, and you see it’s about 4 times that amount. Is an old, wearing-down AC system really worth that kind of money? Most of our customers don’t think so.

If you’re at the “repair or replace” threshold, and just aren’t sure which way to step, contact Absolute Air today and we’ll give you our absolute best advice for your home, family, and budget.