Hidden Holiday Season Dangers

The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends; a time for food, friendship, merriment, and joy. But all that celebrating can lead to some unexpected seasonal dangers, and yet most can be avoided with proper planning, constant awareness, and by sharing the following holiday season safety tips with family members and guests.


Avoid Dangerous Decorating – There’s nothing more festive than a home decked out for the holidays, inside and out. But standing on an outdoor ladder to hang decorations can be dangerous. For every four feet in ladder height, place it at a distance of one foot away from a supporting wall. And have someone hold the bottom as an added safety precaution.

Avoid a Christmas Tree Fire – If you opt for a live tree, choose one that is fresh and water it daily. Use high-quality, flame-retardant decorations and string lights, and always check the lights for any damage. Place your tree away from heat sources like a fire place or radiator, and make sure your smoke detectors are all in working order.

Mind Food and Beverages – Forgotten food and beverages can be dangerous to children and pets. A curious child might pick up an unattended alcoholic beverage, while your four-legged companion might be tempted to feast on half-eaten plates of food which could contain ingredients that are hazardous to their health. Clear unattended plates and dump unfinished beverages.

Put Away Medications – When expecting guests for the holidays, store all medications out of reach of children and pets. And since many of us travel with needed prescriptions, offer your guests a safe place to put their jackets and purses to prevent little hands from wandering.

Tread Carefully – Be diligent about keeping sidewalks, walkways, and stairs well-lit and accessible. Shovel away snow and put down plenty of salt on icy areas. Consider adding a slip-resistant tread on each stair to provide more traction.

You know what keeps everyone feeling merry and bright around our home for the holidays? Helping each other stay safe and sound. We hope these home safety tips come in handy for you, as well. And Happy Holidays from all of us at Absolute Air.