Ductless Air Systems Provide Cleaner Indoor Air

Before you settle on replacing your central air or heating system for another of its kind, we invite you first to consider a switch to something completely different: a combined ductless heating and cooling system.

Before talking about how a ductless air system can help clean up your indoor air and make your house easier to clean, let’s first remind you of a ductless system’s unique attributes:

  • blogNeeds no ductwork. If you’re still using window air conditioners to cool your home because you don’t have ductwork and your home can’t support them, now you have a clear alternative. That’s because, just as the name suggests, ductless air systems don’t need or employ ductwork to cool or heat your home.
  • A combined heating and cooling system. Imagine that: only one system to maintain for your year-round heating and cooling needs.
  • Fast installation. Since there’s no ductwork to install or reconfigure, ductless systems can be installed on the double. Each outside condensing unit (also called a heat pump) can support up to 5 wall blowers. It’s the latter that deliver conditioned air to your living spaces.
  • Tremendous flexibility. Maybe you don’t need a completely new home comfort system but you’re thinking about turning your porch into a 4-season room and you’re wondering what the best way is to heat and cool it. The best way might just be a ductless air system, the perfect solution for one room, your whole house, or anything in between.

And now let’s get back to how ductless air systems help provide cleaner indoor air. With a ducted, central air conditioning system, it’s not just air flowing through your ducts and into your house. So are umpteen contaminants like bacteria, dust, pesticides, mold spores, and up to 2,000 more. If you want clean indoor air, you have to regularly clean or replace your filters, have your ducts cleaned periodically and, for best results, install and maintain a whole-house air purifier.

And yet life and indoor air cleaning are so much easier with a ductless air system. For starters, there are no ducts to clean. As for the filters, just lift up the grates on your wall units and vacuum them once a month. Plus, ductless systems are equipped with three filters: dust, anti-allergen, deodorizing filters. That’s triple the protection. Plus,

with less dust floating around your house, that means less dust to remove from your floors, furniture, and other sitting objects.

At Absolute Air, we’re pumped up about ductless air technology because we know how well it can serve people like you – people who value more than just comfortable indoor temperatures. For all the facts plus a free in-home quote, contact Absolute Air today.