How to Reduce High Indoor Humidity

If high outdoor humidity seems to be following you indoors, then something is definitely wrong with your AC system. If so, here are two distinct possibilities.

  • You have an over-sized system. Let’s say, for example, that you have a 4 ton AC unit when a 3 ton unit would have been more than adequate. An oversized system will cool your home faster, but also shut itself off faster than a correctly sized system. That, in turn, means longer periods of time without the AC on, and thus higher than comfortable indoor relative humidity.


  • Frozen evaporator coil. When a home AC system is operating efficiently, its evaporator coil – located inside the indoor half of the system – is doing its job by literally cooling off your indoor air. At the same time, it’s removing humidity from your indoor spaces, but that functionality is lost as soon as a coil freezes up.

If you have an older AC system and unbearable indoor humidity, you have a great reason to replace yours with a correctly sized system from Absolute Air. But what if your system is still relatively new and has a bunch of years left in it? Fear not: we have a very workable solution for you, too: a whole-house de-humidifier that we can install to work in conjunction with your AC system to cool and dehumidify your home at the same time. Plus, you can set the unit to generate the relative humidity level at which you feel most comfortable. For most people, that’s between 40% – 50%.

For more information on how to remove excess humidity from your home or any other AC problem at all, contact Absolute Air today.