How to Impress Potential Home Buyers.

Take a drive around any neighborhood this time of year and, along with the tulips and daffodils, you’ll notice something else popping up on front lawns – For Sale signs. Yup, spring is real estate season. And if you’re one of the many homeowners currently trying to sell your humble abode, you know how important it is to make sure it stands out from the rest. Luckily, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to ensure that it does.

Here are 8 small changes that will wow potential buyers the minute they pull up to check out your house.

  1. blogMake a great first impression. Delight house hunters right from the start by updating your mailbox, light fixtures, house numbers, and doormat. Add a little color with potted plants, and keep landscaping neat and tidy.
  1. Make floors shine. You may no longer notice the dingy tile grout or dull wood flooring, but potential buyers will. If possible, refinish hardwood floors and deep clean your grout. Steam clean carpets, and add soft area rugs to cover floors that are in rough shape.
  1. Give the impression of more storage. Clear out the clutter and leave about 30% of closets, cabinets, and shelves empty to give the illusion of abundant storage.
  1. Freshen the space with paint. Choose warm neutrals like grays or creams for walls, and crisp white for trim work to make it pop. Save your beloved crimson red for your new home.
  1. Flood your home with natural light. Make the most of your windows by washing them inside and out and replace heavy room-darkening window treatments with light and airy shears pulled to the sides; or, leave them off altogether if your home has a more contemporary feel.
  1. Add inviting accents. Help buyers envision themselves in each room. Set the dining room table for an intimate gathering, place a couple of books and a blanket on the window seat, and set the stage for outdoor entertaining or relaxing with a small bistro set and outdoor area rug on the back deck or patio.
  1. Remember, less is more. Remove as many unnecessary furnishings and personal belongings as you can to make rooms feel clean and spacious.
  1. Tackle those neglected repairs. If you neglect the small fixes, a potential buyer might wonder how well you take care of the big stuff. Fix the leaky faucets, squeaky door hinge, and loose handrail.

How about things not as readily notice – does that make them any less important to the eventual sale of your home?  Not even a little.  That’s why we also recommend that you have your heating and cooling systems professionally cleaned and inspected before putting your home on the market.  They’ll eventually be included in the home inspection anyway, so why not check them off your list now and put yourself that much further ahead of the game.  Plus, for top professional service and results, contact Absolute Air to schedule service – we’re your local home comfort specialists.