Why You Should Clean Your AC Filter.

blogDo you turn the thermostat up to 76 or even higher during those summer days when no one’s going to be home?  Lots of people do to cut down on their air conditioning energy costs.  But the second you get home, especially on a hot, humid day, chances are you make a mad dash to the thermostat to cool things off for a nice relaxing evening.

But what happens when a thermostat setting no longer delivers an indoor temperature of the same number?  Do you just shrug your shoulders and lower the thermostat a little more?  If so, we’d like to suggest doing one other thing so perhaps you won’t have to adjust the thermostat and incur more energy expense.  And that is:  check and be prepared to clean your AC filter.  begun.

The dirtier it gets, the harder your AC system has to work to reach the desired temperature.  Not only does that cause your energy bill to spike, it also means greater system wear and tear and, if left unattended for lengthy periods of time, a shorter system lifespan.  Plus, at least some of the dirt, bacteria, and other pollutants attached to your filter get blown by the system’s fan into your ductwork and eventually your living spaces and lungs.  And these are the airborne pollutants known to cause and/or aggravate allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory problems.

At Absolute Air, we recommend following the instructions on your filter’s package for how and how frequently to check and clean your filter.  If you don’t have such a package handy and you’re committed to proper AC system maintenance, then plan to start checking the filter every 60 days and then clean or replace it as you deem appropriate.

For even greater airflow distribution along with cleaner air and more energy efficient system operation, be sure to have your heating and cooling systems professionally cleaned and inspected once a year each by the home comfort professionals at Absolute Air.  In the process, we do much more than check and clean or replace your filters.  We follow a multi-step process that leads to overall improved system performance plus greater safety for your home and family.

Has it been a year or longer since your last AC or furnace inspection?  If so, contact Absolute Air today to get the quality of service every family deserves.