Properly Sizing Your New AC System

blogToday’s high-efficiency air conditioners use about 30% to 50% less energy than made about two decades ago. As such, you could cut your energy costs by up to 40% by replacing your older system now.

Still, the efficiency of the “box” itself is just part of the energy saving story.  To save all you can, your system needs to be properly sized.  One measure of system size is the amount British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heat a system can remove per hour. Another common rating term for air conditioning size is “ton,” with one ton equal to 12,000 BTUs per hour.

Before Absolute Air recommends the right size for your new or replacement AC system, we first take into account:

  • The size of your home and the number of windows.
  • The amount of shade that falls on your home’s windows, walls, and roof
  • The amount and placement of insulation.
  • How much air is leaking in or out of your home, and from where.
  • How much heat is generated by the occupants and other appliances on a normal day.

Why is it so important to recommend and install exactly the right size system?  Because anything smaller or larger than “right” will incur needless added wear and tear and not provide you with the maximum return on your investment.

To learn more or request a free in-home consultation and new AC system proposal, contact Absolute Air today.  We’re here to make sure you get your money’s worth, and then some.