How to Reduce Stress on Your AC System

At least in one very important way, you and your AC system are a lot alike:  the less stress you’re under, the better and more productively you’re likely to perform.

And while you may be looking for some tips on personal stress relief, that’s a blog for another time.  Today, we’d like to offer you several useful and effective tips for reducing stress on your AC system so it will last longer and serve you better with fewer repair problems along the way:

  • blogKeep your home as dark as possible and practical during AC system operation. By doing so, you’re lessening the amount of heat it has to disperse.
  • The less you use your stove and oven during the summer months, the less stress on your AC system.
  • Shore up any gaps in your insulation, caulking and weather stripping so cool air isn’t allowed to escape, and hot outdoor air isn’t allowed to enter.
  • When running your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, always run a full load. That reduces the amount of time you’ll use these appliances, and that means less internal heat.
  • If you’ve been thinking about painting or siding the outside of your home, think “light colors”. Darker colors attract more sun and heat.
  • Install one or more ceiling fans to push the cool air back down, thus enabling you to stay cool at higher thermostat settings.
  • Invest in one or more programmable thermostats, especially if your house is empty for long periods of time during the day. That way your home will be nice and cool when you return without wasting gobs of energy while you’re away.

Another great way to minimize the stress on your AC system is with annual preventative maintenance, a specialty of the house here at Absolute Air.  At your request, we’ll come out and perform our multi-point tune-up and inspection to ensure its more effective operation while also helping you enjoy reduced electricity bills and a safer home environment.