Why Your Heating System Needs Preventive Maintenance

blogChances are you don’t wait until your car breaks down before you have it serviced.  Pretty much a no-brainer, right?  Because with routine tire rotation, oil changes, and filter cleaning – among other preventive maintenance tasks – you’re simply going to have a better-running car.  One with fewer repairs and a longer road life, too.

And yet you’d be amazed at how many home owners don’t extend the same kind of care and attention to their heating systems, even those who pre-pay for annual preventive maintenance.

If you’re part of that group, we invite you now to consider the top 5 reasons to have  your heating system professionally cleaned and inspected, every single year:

  1. Improved operating efficiency. Without regular maintenance, all kinds of things can and do go wrong that decrease your system’s operating efficiency. Filters get dirty and clogged, electrical connections loosen, and other parts need lubricating.  That makes your system have to work longer and harder to do the same job.  And that drives up your heating costs substantially while greatly increasing the likelihood of potentially costly repairs.
  1. Longer system lifespan. Furnace manufacturers have improved their products to such an extent that when maintained, they can easily last 15 – 20 years. And yet, we routinely see high quality systems fail after as little as 7 years from lack of proper maintenance.
  1. Added safety. When all of the fuel is not completely burned (combusted), carbon monoxide is emitted. Unfortunately, carbon monoxide is odorless, and the consequences of CO emissions can be harmful to your health.
  1. Added comfort. A clean and well-maintained system evenly distributes heat throughout your home, thus eliminating those nagging hot and cold spots you’re probably familiar with.
  1. If need be, replace your system on your terms. During annual system maintenance, we’ll be able to tell if your heating system is past its prime. Either way, we’ll share our findings with you and, if appropriate, explain why replacing your system now makes more sense than waiting for it to completely shut down.  If you agree, then you’ll have all the time you need to make an informed, patient, and careful decision on which replacement system is best for your home and budget.

Even your heating system’s manufacturer recommends annual service to help you realize a maximum return on your investment.

So for added peace of mind all winter long, contact Absolute Air today to request our home heating cleaning & inspection service.  More than anything, you’ll enjoy the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your system is in top working order.