5 Benefits of an Annual AC Inspection

By and large, people hate spending money on insurance, even though insurance comes in many different forms.  The problem with the traditional kind, however – take auto insurance, for example – is that you can’t touch, see or feel it, but it still costs an arm and a leg.  And the only time it does you any good?  Right: when something goes wrong.

Then there are other kinds of insurance, such as preventative maintenance for your central air conditioning system.  At its core, its purpose is to prevent costly repair problems.  But unlike an extended warranty or traditional insurance policy, AC preventative maintenance is a process undertaken inside and outside your home by the skilled, experienced, and licensed HVAC technicians here at Absolute Air.

In addition to preventing repair problems, our preventative maintenance service can deliver these key benefits:

  • Longer system lifespan
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Reduced indoor humidity
  • Added safety for your family

That’s a lot of value for a very affordable service. Come to think of it, we see it as the most value-rich AC service we offer.

Still not convinced?  Well, let’s say you recently purchased a new AC system, one that’s still under warranty.  Failure to have preventative maintenance performed by a qualified HVAC technician could nullify that warranty, an important type of insurance in its own right.

So, for all the right reasons, we invite you to contact Absolute Air today to schedule our AC preventative maintenance service.  It’s the best you to – you guessed it – ensure a summer’s worth of cool, comfortable indoor conditions.