Home Money-Saving Tips

Do you go through cycles where you spend money one day like it didn’t matter and then a week later start wondering how and where you can cut corners?  It’s all-too-common if you do.

But let’s say today is cost-cutting vs. spend wildly day, and you’re looking for a little encouragement and a fresh idea or two. Well, you’ve come to exactly the right place:

  1. While they help your laundry feel soft and smell great, single use dryer sheets are not only wasteful but filled with potentially harmful chemicals. Instead, why not make your own. All you need are some old towels or tee shirts.  Make sure they’re clean and you always have enough on hand for a week’s worth of laundry.  Take a couple of the cut-up pieces, dip them in a mixture of distilled white vinegar and your favorite essential oil, store them in an air tight container, and pop one in the dryer as needed.
  1. Get a few more washes out of your bar soap by collecting the scraps, melting them over the stove, and pouring the mixture into bar molds. Let them dry and voila, brand new bars of soap!
  1. Stop buying costly flower vases and storage containers. Instead, thoroughly wash and dry mason jars, coffee cans, and other food containers, and use them for storing tool bits, pencils, crayons, and art brushes, or as a shabby-chic vase for a bright bouquet of flowers.
  1. Why turn on the hose or fill the watering can to water your garden? Instead, place a rain barrel below the eaves of your roof to collect run-off water. Just be sure to check that rain water collection is permitted in your area.
  1. You might be tempted to surround your central air conditioning unit with lush foliage to make it more visually appealing. However, such vegetation can reduce airflow and make your unit run less efficiently. Trim back shrubbery and remove weeds around your unit to reduce electrical consumption and lower your electricity bill.

You know what else you can do to keep your AC costs under control. Contact Absolute Air today to request our annual preventative maintenance service.  With annual AC cleanings and inspections, your system will run better, last longer, and help keep your energy and repair costs down.

Home Money-Saving Tips – You’d be surprised at all the little ways you can cut expenses while keeping more of your paycheck for yourself. Absolute Air can help!