How You Can Benefit from Whole-House Surge Protection

Just for fun – even though it wouldn’t be – let’s say that a lightning strike or an electrical power surge caused some other way were suddenly to damage or destroy one or more of your home electronic systems – things like your AC or heating system, water heater, computers, etc.

If you’re like most people, you’d file a claim with your insurance company. But there’s only one problem: that claim would most likely be declined. You see, most home owners insurance policies don’t cover that kind of damage, and that leaves you liable for the damages. So, unless you have extra thousands of dollars around for a new home comfort system or whatever else needs to be replaced, it’s not going to be the best day of your life.

That’s why Absolute Air encourages you to protect your valuable home electronics – anything with a built-in microprocessor – with a whole-house surge protector. Already have power strips with surge protection?  That’s great, but you also should know that each one is capable of absorbing only 6,000 volts of electricity. By comparison, a whole-house surge protector can resist up to 40,000 amps.

That’s much more protection than your power strips can provide, and enough to prevent ruin or damage to your valuable home electronics following most larger power surges.

The installation is fast and surprisingly affordable – especially when you consider how much a whole-house surge protector offers you in potential savings. To learn more or schedule a free on-site proposal and estimate, contact Absolute Air today.