Quick AC Tips Before You Call a Service Pro

Some of us depend on central air conditioning so much that at the first time of trouble we’re on the phone asking for help. “Come quick, my AC isn’t working!” Trust us, we get calls like that every day. Not that we’re not grateful, mind you, but many such calls can be avoided – and money saved – when cooler heads prevail.

Got that phone in your hand even now? In that case, we invite you to put it down just long enough to finish reading this blog.

Thermostat Issues

If your AC system were a plane or boat and you were the captain, your place would be at the thermostat, your system’s command center. Keep that in mind the next time the cool air stops flowing since the problem could be as simple as someone accidentally turning the “cool” air off or to “heat”. Or, if the settings seem accurate but temperatures are still soaring, hopefully the only problem is with the thermostat, and no other part of the system.

Condenser Obstructions

For maximum efficiency, your outdoor condenser should be free of leaves, grass, toys, or anything else that can effectively restrict airflow. So, when the cool air heats up, look outdoors to see if a good pruning, etc., can free up your condensing unit to operate as efficiently as it was designed to do so.

Dirty Air Filters

Let’s say you’re faithful as can be in having your AC system professionally cleaned and inspected once a year.  Which means, after that, you can just leave everything alone and go on your merry way, right? Wrong! Your AC filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, on average, every two weeks. Otherwise, it will become clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris, and nothing good – including cool, comfortable air – can come from that.

Yes, one of our goals is to help you enjoy cool, comfortable air as affordably as possible all cooling season long. And yet sooner or later, you’re bound to run into a repair problem that requires professional assistance, and whether that time is now or later, Absolute Air is ready and able to provide exactly the right solution, and always with a guaranteed upfront price quote. Contact us today or anytime for the service you need, when you need it.