How to Reduce Your Heating Costs in Kaufman & Crandall, TX

kaufmanSpring is tantalizingly close.

So close, it’s tempting to declare that winter is over.  Done.  Kaput.  The problem is, it’s not.  In fact, right at this moment, your ever-diligent blogger is looking at the 10-day forecast for the Dallas suburb of Kaufman and, sorry to say, low temperatures next week will be in the mid-thirties.

Sorry for the bad news, but now for the “glass is half full” side of our story.  Right now, there are a bunch of things you can to keep nice and warm for what’s left of winter but still manage to bring your heating costs down.

There, don’t you feel a little better already?  Well, you will once you see your NEXT heating bill, but provided you practice one or more of the following home comfort tips from Absolute Air.

  1. Take one for the team.  Lower your thermostat just one itty bitty degree and, over a 12-hour period, that adds up to a 3% reduction in your heating costs.  So if, for example, you’re used to leaving it 70 even when no one’s home, lower the thermostat to 66 and then raise it again when you get home.  You can stand at least a little discomfort until your house warms up, right?  Same thing goes during the overnight hours.  If you’re accustomed to turning it down to 68, push it another degree or two and save some money.  In fact, this is where a programmable thermostat would really come in handy:  more about that a little later on.    
  2. Check your filter.  The filter inside your furnace needs to be cleaned or replaced once a month, and for several good reasons.  One of them is to help control your heating costs.  Another is to help your system last longer.  You see, a clogged filter makes your furnace have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.  The harder it works, the more wear and tear, and the shorter its shelf life.
    How’s your insulation holding up?  There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to climb up into your attic with a flashlight and check it out.  Over time, gaps will appear and the insulation starts to compress, thus losing some of its ability to keep heat from rising into the attic and then out through your roof.  Insulation, like your furnace, doesn’t last forever.  So if you can’t remember the last time you checked it or had someone do it for you, there’s no doubt you’re paying too much to heat your home.
  3. Easy on the ventilating fans.  Kitchen and bath fans are quite effective in removing moisture from your home, and just as effective in sucking out the heat.  So vent while you must, but be diligent about turning those fans off after they’ve done their job.
  4. Remove anything block vents, registers, and baseboard units.  What you don’t need, in particular, are heated drapes, jeans, slippers, or chairs.  What you want is a nicely heated home at the lowest cost possible.  So one big way to help yourself is to let the warm air flow freely, and without anything blocking its way.

As we mentioned earlier, programmable thermostats are on your side when it comes to keeping home heating costs at a minimum.  Let’s say you’re bound and determined to come home to a nice warm house.  Well, without a programmable thermostat, the only way to accomplish that is to keep your house warm all day, even while you and everyone else is out and about.  Or, you can save bunches of money by replacing your old thermostat with a programmable model and pre-set the thermostat to change from 64 to 70, for example, about 30 minutes before you’re planned arrival.  Mission accomplished.

To learn more or to schedule installation, contact Absolute Air today.  We have lots of good ideas to help you heat – and cool! – your home for less.