Air Conditioning Problems in Terrell & Forney

Is your air conditioning system not quite doing the job you expect of it here in Terrell & ForneyForney?  As in, it’s working, but delivering the kind of cool, comfortable temperatures it used to, or at least not without a soaring electrical bill.  There are several things that could be causing it to under-perform, and many of them are relatively simple fixes:  those that won’t require you to purchase a brand new AC system.

For an accurate diagnosis, you’re going to need the services of your local HVAC professional.  And these are a few of the things he’s going to look at first:

  1. Too little or too much refrigerant. When the refrigerant in your AC system isn’t balanced correctly, it won’t cool near as efficiently. Refrigerant is a vital component to your system’s ability to produce cold air. An experienced technician can easily fix the problem by adding or removing refrigerant and balancing the system.
  2. The wrong filter. If your AC seems to be running frequently or “working hard” to keep your home cool, it could be a filter problem. First, a dirty filter will block air flow into the system, so filters should be cleaned or changed monthly, as needed. Second, a filter that is too thick also can block air flow.
  3. Leaky ductwork. One major cause of air conditioner inefficiency is leaking ducts. The ductwork in your home should be airtight so that the cold air your AC produces can be distributed in the right areas of your home. If your ductwork has cracks or gaps in the attic or crawlspace, then cool air is being lost. Having your ducts inspected and repaired could result in a small expense with a huge up side.
  4. Frozen inside coil. Restricted air flow can cause the coil inside your air handler to freeze.  When that happens, no more cool air.  If you discover the problem on your own, run the system’s fan only for about four hours, allowing the ice to melt.  If that doesn’t work, then you’re going to need professional assistance.
  5. Too few return ducts. Most of the time, air conditioners are equipped with one main return which is responsible for pulling and venting the warm air from the entire house. So, if you notice that certain rooms are warmer than others, the solution could be as simple as adding an additional return or two.

When all is said and done, all you want is an air conditioning system you don’t have to worry about.  So, for your added peace of mind, contact Absolute Air today to request our AC system tune-up and inspection.  We’ll thoroughly check both the inside and outside components to help your system run better, last longer, and with fewer repairs.  We look forward to your call.

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