How to Get the Most from Your Furnace

Have you given your furnace a little pep talk lately, exhorting it to “keep in truckin’” for the good of your entire family?  Probably not, and for a few very good reasons:  it can’t hear, comprehend, or answer back.  And yet it does respond favorably when you take proper care of it.

Here, for example, are four important things you can do to help keep your furnace in top working order:

  • blogClean or replace the air filter. Such a simple step, and yet one so often ignored. In fact, you’d be amazed at how many heating repairs we perform all caused by a clogged and dirty filter.  To avoid unnecessary repair work and get the most from your furnace, start by cleaning or replacing it monthly, as needed.  If it’s not dirty the first time, check back again in a couple of weeks.  And before long, you’ll have figured out the correct cleaning or replacement cycle for your furnace make and model.
  • Keep all air vents open. It’s a popular misconception that closing one or more air vents will help reduce your heating costs.  Instead, doing so lessens your system’s efficiency over time and creates inconsistent temperatures in the rooms where your vents are open.  If saving money is your goal, there are far better ways to go about it, including adding one or more zones where you can control indoor temperatures one zone at a time.
  • Keep the furnace area clean. Any item kept near your furnace during the winter becomes a potential fire hazard.  So, if you use your furnace room or area for storage, keep it well organized and all objects -especially flammable ones – out of harm’s way.
  • Reset your programmable thermostats.  If you haven’t already, reset the time and temperature settings to reflect your winter schedule and desired comfort levels. Looking to save money on your energy costs?  In that case, we recommend program settings of 68 to 70 degrees during home occupancy hours and 60 to 62 degrees while your home or certain zones are empty.

Here at Absolute Air, we can do a great deal to add to your family’s winter time comfort, and it all starts with our heating system preventative maintenance service.  It’s your number one assurance of problem-free performance, reduced heating costs, fewer if any repair bills, and a longer system lifespan.  Call to schedule service today, and enjoy the added peace of mind knowing your furnace is receiving the best possible care.